Here are some of the early sketches.  When done, Sling Shot will be one of the first renewable/sustainable designs.

Not content with the business as usual, the team at Red Eye have been working on a flat-pack sofa that is made using organic and sustainable materials.

SeaWeb is the prototype for a carbon sequestration system the team developed.  The goal was to use plants and the ocean as a tool for absorbing and storing carbon.  The device itself is a man made carbon sponge.  

Company Profile

Red Eye Lab, LLC


Founded: 2005

Owner: Will Roem Rumph


Areas of expertise:  Product design, Concept Development, Color Theory. 

Awards & Recognition

Euro Home

(june 2013 edition)


Winner up! Competition for chair design. Ph folding Lounge chair.

RED EYE LAB LLC is a product design company based in Seattle Washington.  The primary goal for the company is to find solutions to today's problems using the tools of nature.  Guided by a passion for natural materials, Will (Roem) has dedicated his career to developing all natural, consumer friendly designs.